In 1947, Poland, through its military operation Vistula, was resettling by over one hundred fifty thousand Ukrainians from their native land to newly acquired territories in East Prussia. Though I was over thirty kilometers away, I managed to return to my village Molodych to say good-bye to my friends and families, before I also traveled to that unknown land. Knowing I was leaving my place of birth forever, I also stopped at our church to say a prayer. The church was locked by Polish military authorities, therefore I walked around it, sang many religious songs, and said all the prayers I knew.

To fulfill my plans further, I walked in westerly directions trough the Molodycz meadows and nearby forests to where soldiers were loading villagers on buses to take them to the nearest railroad station. I always enjoyed walking barefoot through the meadows, especially in the morning, when the grass was covered with dew. It washed my feet from all the dirt accumulated during a week of barefoot walking.

On the outskirts of the forest, I usually stopped to eat wild raspberries and rhubarb or young, sweet turnips. Often, I sat down by a tree and rested my shoulder on its trunk. I felt so relaxed in the serene forest and felt my Highest Benefactor was sitting right next to me. I often felt He called me, "Here I am, just sit and rest."

Knowingly or subconsciously, I accepted those moments as revelations of God-Nature, Nature-God, not the artificial image the Communists tried to impose on all nations for their political reason. Today Russia is using God and religions to recreate of the old Soviet Union. Russia is also trying to use forces of God-Nature, Nature-God, to harness electromagnetic energy that could bring disaster to our planet. The year of 2012 had too many earthquakes, thunderstorms, and historically the highest temperatures. Many scientists believe this is the result of man stirring up of the ionosphere particles. For the sake of self-preservation, mankind must at least understand God-Nature, Nature-God.

Danish philosopher Baruch Spinoza of the seventeenth century and Ukrainian philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda of the eighteenth century revealed God-Nature, Nature-God to the world. Mankind has an innate knowledge of God and preserves His image to stay closest to Him.

My experiences and impression that led to the convictions mentioned above began during the turbulent period of World War II. Here is the story of events that shaped my life and my beliefs since that time. In many ways it is a companion work to my recollections set forth in The Winding Path to Freedom, fifth edition published in 2012 by Xlibris. But above all, the most compelling reason to write this story was a scene stuck in my memory from secret praying in the forest in East Prussia in 1948. The group loudly and emphatically sang the prayer "I believe in God...", and I heard, children behind me, sang only one phrase, "I believe..." and repeated it to the end of the prayer, for they did not know the whole prayer by heart. When I looked at them they were so serious and their faces expressed full understanding of the past, present and showed their optimism in the future by occasional mild smiles.